8 simple exercises to lose your weight

8 simple exercises to lose your weight

Keeping a tab on the body-weight and maintaining it on some constant level is not a tough ask if you have assimilated some certain dietary habits and a definite regimen of exercises in your daily routine. Food-related control or different exercises should not be seen in isolation. In fact, all of these have a cumulative effect on your body-weight and over-all health in general. If you have a nutritious breakfast in the morning, that doesn’t mean you can have junk-food in the lunch. Similarly, if you do one specific exercise in the morning, one in the afternoon and one or two in the evening, then you’re just wasting your time. All of the exercises have to be done in combination to extract maximum benefit; exercises in separation bear a scanty effect.


You can do a whole lot of exercises to lose your body-weight, but in these fast-paced times, when time comes at a premium, you can get the desired result adopting 8 of them in your routine. But all of these 8 must be done collectively, one after another at one go with just the required rest between the sets and the required rest-period between the two sets ideally is 25-30 seconds. You don’t have to go to a Gym to do these 8 exercises; you can execute them at your home or even at the work-place. Bear in mind, don’t kick-start them in a hurry, but every time start with a mild stretching to tone up your muscles. Do at least four sets of all the 8 exercises. Repetitions in a set depend on your strength and the drive to get the result.


Push-ups: ‘Old is Gold’ is the correct maxim for this exercise. When you do Push-ups, your hands, legs, back, shoulders and abdomen, everything is involved. The more muscles you involve, the more calories you burn. With this exercise, at one hand, you gain strength and on the other you burn fat.


Pull-ups: Look for something which is higher placed than your height and firm enough to hold your weight. Hold it with both the hands at shoulder-width above your head and pull yourself, try to pull yourself to the extent where your chin just goes above the bar or the thing you are holding.


T Push-ups: After doing four sets of Push-ups, you can do this exercise. Do one push-up and after getting up on your hands, hold one hand high above your head and try to rotate your body till it makes a T-shape. Repeat it with the other hand. Rotation firms up your abdominal muscles immensely.


Stick-ups: Stand against a wall with your back towards it and your feet 6 inches away from it. Now stick up your arms above your head, stabilize and then slide down with your shoulders, elbows and wrists touching the wall, ending the movement with your elbows tucked into your sides.


Squats: Squatting is a complete exercise in itself involving a number of muscles. Bear in mind, your hands must be behind your head, chest must be out and your sitting on the hips must be aligned with the natural curve of your spine.


Step-ups: You can do it on stairs. When you put the first leg on the step, press the heels to draw the second leg on to the step. Go down, come up the steps and repeat it a number of times.


V-Up & Roll: Lie down on your back with hands stretched behind your head. Keep your legs apart with a comfortable distance. Now try to draw your stretched hands closer to the abdomen and simultaneously draw your legs towards the abdomen. Try to draw your hands closer to the toes and go back and repeat.


Leg-raise: Lie down on your back with the hands by your side. Keep your legs apart with a comfortable distance. Now raise your legs simultaneously towards the ceiling at an angle of 90. When you raise the legs, exhale and when you go back, have control on the legs and inhale. You can do a variety of this exercise by changing the angle of leg-raise, like raise them to the angles of 45 and 60 in order to firm up your abdominal muscles deeper.