7 top foods and drinks vital for muscle mass based body weight

7 top foods and drinks vital for muscle mass based body weight

In these times of acute health-awareness and body-weight-related consciousness, everyone is scampering helter-skelter in the quest of a nice and equipment-filled gym. Some are looking to decrease their weight appreciably and some are desperate to increase it to a fair degree which makes them visibly presentable and fit. We have realized that heavy is not always healthy and thin is not always fit.


People who wish to increase their body-weight now know that they must have a good weight of muscles, fat is not at all required. And to build muscles in their body, they join a gym and start working out. But they must also know that apart from the regimen of varied exercises, they have got to increase the intake of foods which aid muscle-growth, strength-building and acquirement of nice body-weight.


Just to focus the specificity, there is a mix of some foods and beverages you must amalgamate in your diet-regimen. Apart from having everything needed and advised by the expert, you must inculcate a habit of having these 7 foods and drinks regularly to bolster your effort aimed at gaining good and useful weight.

  1. Water: Every one of us knows that our muscles constitute roughly 80% water. A daily intake of 10-12 glasses of water is paramount to have a good body. A well-hydrated body facilitates an effective protein-formation which in turn causes muscle-growth.
  2. Almonds: Vitamin E is hugely effectual for muscle-relaxation and recuperation after a work-out and Almonds provide us with Alpha-tocopherol Vitamin E, greatly suited to be consumed by our body.
  3. Salmon: A splendid source of qualitative protein and Omega-3 fatty acids, Salmon is a nice food to have consistently. We all know that after a long and heavy work-out, we stay a chance to face muscle-breakdown, but Omega-3 fatty acids lessen the affect of muscle-breakdown by a huge degree.
  4. Olive Oil: A nutritional powerhouse, Olive Oil is almost a miracle for health-benefits. Loaded with Mono-unsaturated fats, this works wonders to our physical health. Apart from all the other health-related gains, Mono-unsaturated fats of this oil don’t only prevent muscle-crash, but also nourish our muscles well.
  5. Eggs: The protein supplied to our body by the eggs is absorbed by our body in a high percentage and that makes this food highly nutritious. Then there is a group of minerals and vitamins, especially Vitamin B12 which assists in melting of the fats.
  6. Coffee: Coffee if taken cautiously and limitedly, especially a good one-hour before you hit the gym, is beneficial in enhancing your mood and energizing your muscles.
  7. Yogurt: A fantastic source of protein and carbohydrates, Yogurt helps your muscle-growth immensely. You can add a combination of fruits in it to enhance its nutritional quotient and at the same time its taste-value.


These foods and drinks should not be thought and taken in isolation. They are more effective when ingested with other regular foods we have. All of these aid muscle-growth and subsequently increased muscle-mass contributing to your body-weight.