6 major tips for older men to lose weight

6 major tips for older men to lose weight

Increasing body-weight has deleterious bodily ramifications on every one of us. A kid, a youth, an adult or an older adult, everybody has got to take care of his or her body in a way that its weight does not cross the permissible limits prescribed for the respective age-group.


Over a period of time, research one after another has given us some set patterns and rules for different stages of life to maintain and sustain body-weight in an effective manner. An older man, when he crosses 55 and nears 60, loses muscles to a substantial proportion and the real fact is that the muscles continue to go down and go down at the rate of 0.5 to 2% per year, every year. Testosterone-levels diminish by fair margin and they too go down in a continued manner. Subsequently, the person’s metabolism becomes sluggish considerably and that in turn makes calorie-disintegration a very difficult physiological task.


But this all can be delayed or their effect can be minimized if not prevented totally. An older man has got to embed some specific activities in his daily life and everything will fall in place. His weight will be in control, he will be more or less disease-free as a number of diseases have roots in the burgeoning body-weight and he can carry his daily chores as a normal adult person.


Strength training: Lifting weights during a set pattern of exercise goes a long way to maintain the strength in the body as muscle-loss can be checked significantly. Simultaneously, these exercises make the bones of the body strong and provide flexibility on a whole. Trainers may provide varying directions for different individuals, but normally for an old adult, 1-3 sets of these muscle-training exercises at least twice weekly are advisable. Every set of an exercise must comprise 12-15 repetitions.


Aerobic Exercises: Regular mild running does a great job for older men. Aerobic exercises like brisk walking, jogging, running, swimming etc. are wonderful calorie-busters and they bust them in a quicker way. Though prescription varies for different individuals, yet 75 to 150 minutes of honest aerobic activity weekly does wonders in maintaining weight for this age-group.


Diet: A defined diet that carries protein, calcium, carbohydrate in small quantities, different essential vitamins and minerals is mandatory. Boiled eggs, fruits, green leafy vegetables, almonds, fish etc. are must. Junk food is a big ‘no’.


Life-style changes: There are few life-style habits that have to be inculcated. A timely and ample sleep is an absolute must. Keeping away from smoking is prudent. Sufficient rest during the daily course of actions is necessary. Skipping Breakfast is a blunder when you are to lose weight.


Positive frame of mind: An aging male has a big enemy in stress. If anyone is keeping stress, he is going to jeopardize all the good things he does. It can lead to the generation of typical stress-hormones which are harmful to anyone as they may induce the individual to over-eat which may again lead him to weight-gain.


A set routine: A man in his late 50s or above has to get ensconced in a set routine. Timely sleep, timely breakfast, timely exercises etc. have a multiplying effect on all the other efforts an old man does for weight-loss.