5 things for older women to keep weight in check

5 things for older women to keep weight in check

By natural physiology, women are likely to possess less muscle-mass than men. To add to it, like men they also lose muscles due to aging and are inclined to have a plummeting metabolic rate as they grow older. And physiologically the fact remains that metabolism of women at rest-period too declines with age with certain rapidity.All of this and a growing awareness regarding health in general have heralded an era of active fitness-regime for everyone. Women too are not lagging behind. They also want their body-weight in control as much as they could. In men or women, weight more than requisite invites most of the age-old diseases.


But women too can assimilate lots of practices in their daily routine to avoid getting over-weight.


Resistance training: There is a general perception that women should not lift weights while exercising as they are the weaker sex of the two. Conversely, women must lift weights while exercising as per the guidance of the instructors. Yes, body-frame varies and that’s why specific guidance has to be had. This strength training increases metabolic rate in females by about 15% which subsequently leads to more calorie-burns and thus control of weight.


Cardio-vascular exercises: Depending on the individual, a moderate to intense 30-minute daily exercise of aerobic activity is advisable for women. They must do it for at least 5 days a week. Brisk walking, running, jogging, swimming etc. are must to avoid gain of body-weight and additionally, these exercises keep the heart as well in good health.


Balanced diet: Sticking to a balanced diet is imperative. Solid foods comprising one fruit, one vegetable, one source of grain, one source of protein, whole grains, whole wheat bread, brown rice, lean meat like chicken, fish etc. are desirable.Extreme diets or anorexic practice is unnecessary. Taking supplements to avoid food and lose weight is not prudent. Proper and wise snacking, fat-free, is required to keep weight in check.


Cheerfulness: A positive frame of mind does wonders to over-all health for any individual. Feel-good hormones generate exuberance which makes these age-old women to do all sorts of exercises and remain motivated to their bodily goals.


Adjustment in a routine: A well-set routine is a must to achieve results. Not skipping breakfast, eating when really hungry, avoidance of over-eating, having meals on definite times, doing exercises at a set time every day etc. go a long way to add to all those efforts being done to control body-weight, for sure.