5 key points other than dietary & exercise regimen to lose weight

5 key points other than dietary & exercise regimen to lose weight

Growing awareness regarding general physical health in recent times and the age-old ingrained penchant to have a nice visual appearance, have forced people now-a-days making mad scramble to lose weight. Some are taking it easy and some of them are engaged in a flurry of activities. Some people want to lose their body-weight in a step-by-step manner and some are rushing things a little too fast. Trying to do it in a dash has its ramifications. You may achieve a sudden loss of weight, but simultaneously as a side-effect, you can develop a few physical complexities.


So apart from taking measured and methodical technical steps while losing weight, some comprehensive non-medical, non-technical considerations should also be taken care of.

  1. A perceptible change in daily life: Apart from sticking to dietary remedies and exercise-regimen, you should incorporate some changes in everyday life seamlessly. Include walking some distance in your hectic daily routine, use stairs instead of lift as much as possible, have breakfast at any cost by 30-40 minutes after you get up in the morning, have dinner at least 1-1.5 hours before you retire to bed, don’t slouch on chair or recline on bed just after any of the main-course-meals, have frequent small meals through the day, have water whenever you feel hunger-pangs, don’t drink water intermittently while having a meal, avoid fast-food and junk-food completely etc.
  2. Like-minded companionship: Talking to someone who listens to you works like magic. If you share your improvement or results you see in yourself to someone and he concurs with you or talks to you with the same level of interest if not more, then you get motivated, you think that a slim physique or figure can be attained and achievable aims keep us motivated in life.
  3. Balanced and gradual improvement: You don’t need to have a crash course and lose your weight in one go which brings other subsequent complications with it. You can see your body-weight reduce drastically, if you don’t eat for a day. But it doesn’t work that way. If you’re losing weight in a hurry, that means you’re losing water and muscles from your body, not fat. Losing fat or extra mass from the body is a typical phase-based preparation. If you are losing 1 or 2 pounds per week, then you are on an ideal path.
  4. Target-based approach: Don’t have short-term aims as far as losing weight is concerned. Everyone has a specific body-type which requires specific training-schedule, specific dietary plans, specific holistic approach etc. One must have a target-weight in his mind where he has to maintain his body and then as per his physical frame, he should start working towards achieving the target. Don’t adhere to aims of losing any ascertained weight in any ascertained time-period; it will hamper the bigger plans. Do the needful and let the body work naturally.
  5. A regular analysis: A regular check of weight will do a lot of good to you as far as motivation is concerned. If you find the results on the right track, you’ll feel elated and start following the regimen more strictly and scrupulously and if you find yourself lagging behind, you’ll start pushing the envelope and following the dietary and exercise-related routine with a renewed drive.


These are not any food-specific or work-out-related advices, but if you keep them in mind and act accordingly along with other must-do-things, you’ll find yourself nearer to your goals more quickly and more perfectly.