14 foods that help increase your weight

14 foods that help increase your weight

If losing the body-weight is a hard task, gaining the weight is equally hard if not harder. In fact, weight-gain is a result of a continuous and sustained regimen of definite diet and exercise-plans.


We must understand that it does not and should not happen in a day. One day of excessive eating to achieve an increased body-weight is definitely going to land you in hospital. So stuffing yourself with 20 chapattis at one go will not serve you with the purpose for sure. Likewise, having a diet comprising high-calorie foodstuff like sugar-rich items, chocolates and junk foods is not advisable. These foods make you heavier with a massive proportion of fat which is unwarranted and deleterious to health.


Weight-gain should be a steady process with a balanced mix of proper food and exercise. There are some certain foods which have been found effective in increasing body-weight in varied studies. These foods should be consumed in a planned pattern on a sustained basis.

  1. Milk: Milk is a miraculous diet with almost every nutritional requisite. Protein and carbohydrate are amply found in milk. It is a complete food for a good body-development.
  2. Butter: Butter is a nice food to have if taken in temperance. A bit of fat is necessary to have an overall body-development. But because it has a heavy percentage of saturated fat, we must take care that we don’t over-eat butter.
  3. Egg: Protein plays a major part in building our muscles which should have a good contribution to our body-weight. Egg is the best source of protein as far as the percentage of absorption in our body is concerned. Apart from protein, it has Vitamin A and vitamin 12 as well.
  4. Banana: A nutritional powerhouse, Banana is full of carbohydrates and other nutritional necessities like Potassium, Iron etc. One normal Banana releases 100-110 calories for us after consumption.
  5. Chicken: Lean meat like Chicken is mandatory for strengthening of our body-tissues as it is loaded with protein.
  6. Fruit-juice: Having juices of various fruits at regular intervals through the day for a sustained period of time increases your weight.
  7. Potato: Potato constitutes a big fraction of our daily diet. Laden with carbohydrates and amino acids, Potato is certainly needed as a base-diet for people looking to increase  weight. Eating with its skin intact is always advisable.
  8. Soya bean: The biggest source of protein percentage wise, Soya bean is a must for you to gain weight.
  9. Pasta: Pasta is replete with cereal-carbohydrates, qualitative ingredient to increase weight. Pasta is a bundle of calories also.
  10. Bean: Protein should have a sizeable contribution to your body-weight. As a vegetable packed with protein, Bean is a nice vegetable to have in different manners like simple vegetable, coupled with rice etc.
  11. Dry Fruit: Dry Fruit is a nice and nutritional munching choice. With a vast variety, differing tastes and filled with calorie and energy, it helps you gain weight.
  12. Nuts: Almonds and Walnuts are made up with poly-unsaturated fats for good body-growth and simultaneously they are bursting with energy to keep you active and bouncing.
  13. Brown Rice: Studies have proven that a regular consumption of Brown Rice has a conspicuous weight-gaining effect.
  14. Whole Wheat Bread: Wheat is an excellent supplier of fibres to your body and bread made up of it supplies carbohydrates as well. A Whole Wheat Bread is a nice dietary option to gain weight.


A fair combination of these dietetic options definitely goes a long way to increase your body-weight.