13 types of foods & drinks that control your weight

13 types of foods & drinks that control your weight

There is a pervasive feeling among the weight-conscious people that the more they skip meals, the lesser will be their body-weight. And keeping in line, they take two or sometimes one proper meal in a day. This is a grossly flawed fact. If you eat once or twice a day, you in a sense give rest to your metabolic mechanism and in turn, over a period of time that becomes sluggish. Subsequently, whenever you eat, the food is broken and assimilated in your body at a slower rate since your metabolism has slowed down. Fats keep piling up and you instead of aiming for slimness end up with portliness. Therefore, eating at short intervals with three-four proper meals a day is advisable.


There are some foods and drinks which even if we have them in a bit of excess have a conspicuous bearing on controlling our body-weight.

  1. Water: Water is some sort of miracle. It aids our digestion, provides oxygen, keeps our spines in good flexible manner, feeds our skin with life and glow, it does wonders to our physical health. Simultaneously, it fills your stomach when you gulp it. So gulping a full glass of water during hunger-pangs curbs those for a while or you have water before the meal and you’ll definitely eat less than you would have eaten without having it before. Surely having water more than a pint during the meal disturbs the digestion. So all-in-all, 15-16 glasses of water a day certainly stops you from ingesting more calories through the food.
  2. Green Tea: Research one after another has shown that apart from other medicinal qualities, anti-oxidants in Green Tea activate fat-burning processes in a human-body.
  3. Low-fat Milk: As the name suggests, low-fat milk contains less fat-providing ingredients though having protein, calcium and other nutrients intact.
  4. Eggs: Eggs are a great source of protein in terms of the absorption-percentage in the body-mechanism and apart from that they are great stomach-fillers. Once you have them in the breakfast, chances are that you would not over-eat in the ensuing meals through the day and so your calorie-earning will be proportioned to the calorie-burning and the body-weight will hold.
  5. Pears: This marvelous fruit, if taken with its skin, gives you calories in smaller quantity but provides you with fiber cutting your cravings.
  6. Oranges: An orange brings roughly 60-70 calories to your body, but its fulfilling quality saves you from taking more calories in form of other foods.
  7. Grapefruit: Hallmark of this fruit is the abundance of water in it and that makes it so satisfying as far as hunger is concerned. Just have it and you will eat less in the main course of the meal.
  8. Almonds: Full of nutritional constituents, almonds are a dietary delight. They give you a feeling of being full. They make your stomach full and kill your appetite and by some researches destroy the fat in your body also.
  9. Oats: This fruit is fiber-loaded and that’s why it has a wondrous ability to satiate your appetite. You eat less after having it. Oats help your metabolism to dissolve the fat also to some degree.
  10. Brown Rice: Fiber and Resistant starch as ingredients, this type of rice holds fewer calories for humans, but is exceedingly filling.
  11. Avocados: Studies have shown that when consumed, Oleic Acid in its Mono-unsaturated Fats have a certain role in reducing our appetite to some extent. Otherwise also, this fruit is a rich source of fiber and protein for us.
  12. Broccoli: This vegetable, as a cooked dish or simply as a salad, is a health-centric boon in disguise. Even if you have it in good measure regularly, this low-calorie and fiber-full diet doesn’t let your body-mass increase, in fact it controls that at good level.


Blue Berries: A steady dose of Blue Berries burns body-fat evidently apart from keeping you full with their fulfilling nutritional properties.