Kim Kardashian fitness secret workout and dedication

Kim Kardashian fitness secret workout and dedication

Kim is serious with her workouts. She works too hard to maintain her perfect figure. To get Kim’s well endowed body; need to follow the fitness and diet tips. She keeps trainer Gunnar Peterson and works out two times a day for slim physique. Let’s check her routine:


Morning Fitness:
She starts her day to runs on treadmill. After that she does cardiovascular exercise. She does various types of cardio exercise like abs, upper body and lower body exercises. With the help of cardio exercise she maintains every parts of body.


Night Fitness:
If we will talk about her night exercise, She does Pilates or strength training.  She does strengthening circuits at least three times each week.  In this circuits it contains squats, push-ups, curls, shoulder presses, high kicks and other strengthening moves. Between these exercises she does jump rope and dance to keep her body in fat-burning mode.

Along with these exercise you can also do below exercises:


Pelvic Curl
This exercise does gentle warm up for the abdominals and spine. It coordinates the breath and movement and works the lower body.


Heel Beats
Do this exercise, if you want to make your best butt.


Pilates Swimming
It is one of the fun exercise, which brings all the body parts into play.


Double Leg Kick
It is one of the back extension exercise which requires a support from whole body. It targets the back extensors and hamstrings. It is considered a intermediate level exercise.