Yoga Tips to quit smoking over eating drinking self destructive habit

Yoga Tips to quit smoking over eating drinking self destructive habit

We know the Patanjali, the complier of the Yoga Sutra, and we often considered the godfather of yoga, describes yoga as the ability to avoid future pain in our body  by understanding why and how we suffer.

We are habitual with “bad” habits like smoking, more-indulging, drinking, etc., when we attempt to avoid pain. These habits initially make us feel better, make us feel as if we can deal with whatever is going on in the moment because we have this help, this crutch.

But it is not correct, we’re just doing to avoid a situation by relying on an unhealthy system. Once we begin the practice of yoga, we not only become aware of our habits, but we become aware of why we have those habits. And being aware? That’s the first step.

There are some yoga poses that will help you to avoid all these bad habits:

Pranayama is all about breathing, is a great way to slow down your bad habits, take in the moment, and increase our lung capacity while decreasing our stress. Any deliberate attention to the breath can be considered pranayama, but try Ujjayi Pranayama, or the breath of the conqueror:In this pose inhale through your nose, then breath out through your mouth. You just need to continue 3 minutes pranayan in a day.

In order to cultivate bravery, to let go of fear, and to release unwanted habits from you, we just need to open our heart. There are many, many ways to do this in yoga, but I love the gentle nature of restorative poses for this kind of work. You can even combine this with your Ujjayi practice, if you like. Reclining Bound-Angle Poseso called suptabaddhaKonasana is absolutely gentle, completely invigorating and gratifyingly soothing at the same time.

During this yoga, you need to close your eyes and breathe into your heart space. Breathe into the abdomen. Breathe into the front of the throat. Let each breath expand your capacity to feel, to interact, and to know yourself better. Live as long as you want!!!

Once you start the yoga, it not only maintains your body but also maintain a healthy environment. So lets start from today and male a green environment.