Yoga tips for working employees

Yoga tips for working employees

This time we bring yoga tips for those who are constantly on the computer eight to ten hours of work, many victims of such diseases or are prone to stress and fatigue. Certainly on the computer constantly keep their eyes glued to damage the addition of small problems that arise also, knowingly or unknowingly, we keep fighting. Let’s get rid of it all, how.

Memory dysfunction, vision Fading away, irritability, back pain, fatigue, etc. unnecessary. All work on the computer, our brain and our eyes constantly so tired that the only relief he could not sleep. Come to eight to ten hours a day working on the computer most people with visual impairments run. They are wearing a pair of rough number. In addition, they also found fault memory. Irritability them because of the work load and the pressure is getting too common. This apart, he fired at the home office of the anger. The computer is damaged because of the heavy physical and mental, to his discussion are often expert.

The first thing that your computer be placed in front of your eyes. It’s not you have to take your eyes balls up, so just freeze the system to fit at least three away from the eyes. Secondly, while working on the computer every 5 to 10 minutes later at your convenience to see 20 feet away. This vision will remain off. To avoid memory faults UltekramRecall his hard day’s work at night. Whatever is eating at him again consider. For relaxation meditation and yoga offers sleep.

Yoga Exercise
It also called ambulation. There are different names for each part of the operations, but we are not in detail, pointing out those pupils of the eyes to the right-left and up-down rolling down again rotate round. This will strengthen the muscles of the eyes. Back pain around the right-left arm from the elbow to the shoulder; put the fingers of both hands Media. Then both hands shaking elbows and breathe by filling out the elbows carrying upward move rolling down exhale.

This 5 to 6 times in the reverse direction again Gumaia elbows. Neck, right-left, then up and down again from right to left after the first roundabout turn left to right. That’s it. It must have the attention of breath and exhalation.