Yoga for Dogs and Their Owners

Yoga for Dogs and Their Owners

Dog yoga, we referred to as doga yoga, is a form of pet yoga that has become more popular among pet owners who want to bring the healing benefits of this ancient practice to their furry companions. How doga yoga can benefit your dog, as well as what precautions you should take to ensure your dog’s healthand safety. Lets discuss!

Involvement in Doga?
During a typical doga class, which can last anywhere from half an hour to a couple of hours, dogs and their care taker execute a series of asanas. Sometimes the dogs are utilized almost as weights or props, while other times, it becomes a form of partner yoga between canine and human. During Warrior I, a dog may be lifted towards the sky, or a dog may simply rest on a person’s bent legs during Boat pose. Other poses allow both the dog and the human to rest together.

Unity Between Dog and Person
The main purpose of doga yoga is to create a stronger bond between a man and a animal(dog). Because yoga focuses upon unity between body, mind, and spirit, doga practitioners have found that, when they practice their asanas with their dogs, they create an even stronger bond than they had before. In doga yoga meditation, massages, and stretches are also incorporated. These are all meant to calm the pet and the owner while strengthening their connection to one another.

How Can Doga Help People?
Doga yoga isn’t just better for your dog; it’s also great for you as well. As a pet owner, you probably already recognize the immediate stress-relieving benefits you derive from spending time with your dog, whether you go for a run together or you choose to relax at home. Simply petting a dog can reduce tension and bring your blood pressure down, calming the entire body and your mind. It’s no wonder that people who practice yoga love bringing their dogs to the mat as well, where even more relaxation and natural healing can occur.

If do you feel that your pooch would like doga, especially when if he suffers from stress and worry, there are things that you should consider before signing up. Be sure to keep an eye on your dog and know how to feel him and read him so that you can gauge when he has had enough. Taking these simple steps can ensure the practice will be safe and beneficial for everyone involved.