Yoga and Meditation The perfect medicine for metaphysical wellness

Yoga and Meditation  The perfect medicine for  metaphysical wellness

The word yoga means yoke or unity translated from Sanskrit . You need to maintain the discipline & effort as well. Yoga requires you to make an effort to unify your body & mind and this can be done by concentrating your awareness on your physical body through breathing and postures.

Types of Yoga:

The approach to yoga that focuses on postures is called Hatha (hath-hah) Yoga.


Yoga postures (Asanas)

Asanas are the heart of Hatha Yoga.
Stretching that maintains and enhances flexibility

Many poses are a form of isometric strengthening exercise, which involve the contraction of muscles without moving the joint.
Isometric exercise is often used in physical therapy for the rehabilitation of injured joints.

Yoga is exercise
Stretching for flexibility
Improved Strength
Improved Balance


Meditation is a technique in which the meditator seeks not only to reach a deep stage of relaxation, but to quiet the mind.

Meditation techniques:

Focused Meditation:

It is a technique in which you direct your awareness onto something.

Mantra meditation

In Sanskrit, the “man” in mantra means “to think,” and “tra” suggests instrumentality.
Mantra literally means an instrument of thought.
You repeat a word, phrase or sound in order to transcend the constant distractions of the mind.

There is good scientific evidence that exercise:

Yoga and Meditation to stay healthy

Yoga and meditation both are safety and effective. No adverse effects such as allergic reactions, liver or kidney damage as seen with some medications.