True Story Body In shape without Gym

True Story Body In shape without Gym

24-year-old Aashish Thakur needs nothing more than a 3 to 4 km warm-up instead of 60 km bicycle journey. One would think a ride in the hills of Kullu, Himachal Pradesh, would require a minimum of a week’s preparation, but not for this young tattoo artist.

Aashish Thakur doesn’t need any external source(Like Gym, trainer) to do a dead lift with perfect form, sink effortlessly into a deep squat or press a weight directly overhead.

ChiragLarje, ashish’s friend who’s preparing for competitive exams, too finds gyms boring. For them, a lifetime of greater flexibility and significant muscle doesn’t require slogging with machines, but working with your own body weight.

They Always Follow some rules. Lets check:

Know your goals, but know your limits better

Thakur, who has a 10-5 schedule at his studio, was complacent with his health. Spicy, fried and junk food was a daily drill, like driving to your workplace. And then slowly things started giving up on him-like his favorite pair of jeans. Motivation enough. He picked up on a few intelligible resources-diet plans, workout videos from you tube and one more thing, more than a 100-pages of simple and workable advice that you’re reading right now. “I have been reading Men’s Health India since 2008 especially for my diet plans,” Ashish say.

“When I had a fracture, I had lost more than five kilos in a month but he kept me motivated,” Larje says. And when we asked him what kept him away from the gym even though he was in awe of his confidant peers, thanks to their gym-fit bodies, he sounds reassured. “The majority of them leave the gym after working out for two-three months.” For him, it is a matter of keeping your body guessing. “I like to constantly change my workouts, as that way my body can’t adapt to any particular exercise and I challenge my limits,” Larje adds.

Discipline your mind, not body

It is easy to lose focus but when your focus in only on goal, dedication is the only thing that keeps you at it. Thakur would know, as he attempted, a workout that helped him lose 20 kg over five months. “It is difficult but it works because it offers a variety of workouts like yoga, cardio exercise and boxing as well,” says Ashish Thakur. (The average number of calories you can burn in a single 90-minute session of Bikram yoga is 459, according to nutrition experts) In fact, both Larje and Thakur use a combination of circuit training and high intensity workouts to get fit and use nothing more than a pair of dumbbells and a resistance band. “I know how hard it is to take time out for your body as I worked in the IT sector for a few months. So to see an ordinary guy like me featured in this section of the magazine was inspiring and encouraging,” says Larje.