Top 9 Asanas in Yoga

Top 9 Asanas in Yoga

Asana is posture or position of the body. Patanjali in ashtanga yoga defines asanas as constant  and Comfortable pose.

In day to day activity we simply call “yoga” is actually a part of ‘Hatha yoga’, a discipline intended to prepare the body for the pursuit of union with the divine. Through controlled breathing, prescribed postures (called Asanas), and meditation, Hatha yoga seeks to enhance the prana, or life force, that resides in the body and achieve a state of balance and harmony between body and mind.

There are three disciplines contribute to the search for union in its own unique way:

Breathing: – Under this section hatha yoga will connect you to control your breathing power.

Postures: – Postures will help you to fight with the stretch muscles and also improve the skeletal system.

Meditation: – Meditation will help you to connect with soul.It will help you to relax the body.

Padmasana (Kamalasana) :-Padma’ and ‘Kamala’ means lotus. It improves concentration and relaxes the mind if exhausted or over strained. It’s very suitable for meditation, Pranayama and many other yogic procedures. It also helps digestion.

Vajrasana:-Vajra’ means diamond. In this posture body is rigid as a diamond. This is a basic position for many other asanas and meditation.It relax your knee, ankles and feet, improve digestion and reduces gas.

Sukhasana :-Means happy or easy because in this posture sitting posture are easy.Sukhasana opens the hips and stretches the spine.

AnulomaViloma :- It comes under breathing technique.InsanskritAnuloma means with the nature and Viloma means against the nature. It is the best technique to soothe the nervous system and calms the mind.

SetuBandhaSarvangasana :-The main purpose if this exercise is to balance on shoulders and neck. This asana is good for body as well as mind.

Savasana:- This asana is known as Mrta-asana.It is also an ultimate relaxing pose that provides relaxation to mind and body as well.It improves concentration.

Dandasana :-  It is the simplest form of sitting posture on which many other asanas are based.It relaxes a person’s body and mind when over strained and exhausted. It also prepares a person to do the other asanas.

Swastikasana :- It’s a very simple and easy sitting position with a straight back, suitable for meditation. Swastika represents an auspicious symbol of creativity.It helps to maintain normal temperature within the body and tones abdominal muscles and sciatic nerve.It also improve concentration power.

Taala Asana(Taada Asana):- Their postures denote the palm tree. With upward stretched arms, the body resembles a palm tree. This asana is also commonly called Taadasana.It helps in cleansing of your digestive system and reduces fat deposition around the abdomen and buttocks.

These are basic yogasanas . You need to practice Yoga is either in the morning or in the evening. It is the best if stomach is empty prior to the practice.