Top 5 Common Mistakes Yoga Beginners Generate

Top 5 Common Mistakes Yoga Beginners Generate

As per my concern, there is no doubt that practicing yoga makes you the physically and mentally fit.  it also work for your mental health and overall vitality. To achieving flexibility and strength coming into the “state of yoga” is consistency, practice, and patience.

Comparing yourself with the person on the next mat
It mostly happen is yoga classes that we compare with another one. Every one has different shape just because of different age, food we eat and so on differences. The person on the other mat might be a former ballerina, might have been practicing yoga for years, or is more flexible by birth. But instead of focusing on your own experience and your own body, if you begin to compare and push your body where its not ready to go yet, you will no doubt make this huge mistake.

Comparing your body to how it was twenty years ago or even during the last class
There is no chance to compare your present body with your earlier body. You used to do cartwheel on the grass, perform a full wheel pose effortlessly, or just sit in the full lotus pose for an hour! Yes, that was when you were a child, when your body was not exposed to stress and negative emotions. It was before you sat on desks for hours or gave birth. At this moment, this is where I am—with this breath and this body.

Without awareness pushing your body too hard
Without any knowledge never try to work on those yoga who can not help at all anywhere.  So just carefully listen to the instructions of the teacher and also to your own body and do not force yourself.

Inconsistency in your practice
For any work you need a consistency and steady work required. So During the yoga you don’t need to frustrate that why my body not going to change. May be you don’t have any exercise from last 10 years and you have started right now. So it will take some time. So keep patient!

Falling into disappointment, and eventually excuse
Never give up in your work. Because man makes every thing. And give up come from excuses and also from another thing. Just you need to focus on your yoga. Don’t be disappointment, if you are not getting desire fitness. It will take some time.

So start your yoga from today without any mistake. After all man makes mistake . If you need a yoga teacher you can go for yoga classes. Otherwise today yoga is at your home in the form of DVD and online yoga classes on internet.