Top 04 Enjoyable Facts About Yoga You Probably Didnt Know

Top 04 Enjoyable Facts About Yoga You  Probably  Didnt Know

The old-style practice of yoga is thought to have originated around 600 B.C.E near about (2600 years). A subject rife with entertaining facts & an illuminating history,lets check four facts to share with your fellow yogis.

You have a dominant nostril
The specific practice of nostril breathing is also called Swara Yoga, which pretend that when one nostril is dominant, the opposite side of your brain is also dominant. While nostril dominance naturally switches every two and a half hours, you can also switch nostrils with concentration & practice. As per Swara Yoga, breathing with the right nostril will create a more energetic state of mind, while breathing with the left will have a relaxing effect.

Henry David Thoreau was one of the first western yoga practitioners
Under yoga it is believed that Thoreau began his practice during his time of self-isolation at Walden Pond, after becoming enamored with “solitude and the meditative life in general.” It is likely he first came across yoga through his friend Ralph Waldo Emerson, who had the Hindu text, Manusmirti, in his own library.

Your organs get droopy, but inversions can fix that
It’s fact that when we cross 40+, gravity takes its toll on the human body, mostly commonly recognized as sagging skin. However, this is not isolated to our outward appearances; over time our internal organs also shift downwards. A regular inversions practice combats the effects of gravity, and can help return your organs to their original positions.

Lotus pose
Lotus pose is meant to resemble the perfect symmetry of a lotus flower. The symmetry of lotus positions your spine in perfect vertical alignment i your body, while the soles of your feet face upwards to avoid “draining energy” down into the earth. For these reasons, Lotus is the Asana of choice for meditation.

You can try these all in your yoga poses and keep your body fit n healthy.