Top 03 Yoga Positions for Constipation

Top 03 Yoga Positions for Constipation

Constipation is an uncomfortable ache that affects millions of Indians every year. Even those people that pay attention to a healthy diet with limited amounts of fat, meats and cheeses, have still experienced constipation at one time or another. Instead of heading to the pharmacy for a quick-fix medication that usually comes with painful side effects, try below yoga positions for constipation and experience relief within minutes without pain.

Child’s Pose
Child’s Pose will relieve the pain experienced with constipation by pushing on the lower abdomen with the knees. You can start by sitting with your knees bent resting on top of your feet.  After that move from the top of your hips forward, keeping your back straight, and eventually bringing your torso forward so that your shoulders and arms lie outstretched in front of you. Hold for 40 seconds and let the weight of your knees pushing into your lower abdomen provide relief.

Wind Relieving Pose
This is one of the pose will help with relieving constipation. You can start by lying down on your yoga mat . Make sure your spine and tailbone are planted comfortably into the floor. Bend the right knee and bring it into your chest. Place your hands on top of one another on top of the bent shin and pull your shin into your belly. Repeat on the other side to relieve the bloating and painful gas associated with constipation and get relax.

Sleeping Thunder
During this position, start by lying in corpse pose. From here, turn your arms over and push with your hands and biceps to bring your lower body off the floor. Keeping your legs straight and remaining balanced, bring your legs up and over so that they are now behind your head on the ground in front of you. After that let your bottom be the highest part of your body. Keep your neck steady and facing forward, with your chin tucked deep to keep this fragile area safe from injury. Then hold for forty seconds or for as long as feels comfortable and return slowly back to your yoga mat. This helps to create movement and stimulate energy within the colon and digestive system.

After age of 30+ most of the pain associated with constipation can be caused by an inactive digestive system. The active effort of these yoga positions for constipation will stimulate the organs of the digestive system and allow the process of digestion to move more smoothly and efficiently.