Top 03 Rules of Yoga

Top 03 Rules of Yoga

It’s good if you love yoga and do on daily basis. It’s gives you relax not only physically but also mentally. But it is also important to know the basics rules of yoga. Let’s check the yoga rules:

Rule No:1 RELAX!
To release tension of the body is one of the goals of practicing yoga.  from nervous to lymphatic, putting the whole body at rest will bring inner peace and calm. Soon, the rejuvenation will affect all activities and goals and all your worries will melt away. With the heavy day, it is too easy to get lost in the unpredictability and confusion of the day. Step back and take the time to block out the  constant stream of things competitor for attention—So leave the Internet, textbooks, and cell phone behind and strike a few poses. Set aside time each day to refocus and recharge the overstressed and over-stimulated aspects of life.

Rule No:2 Get out and MOVE!
If you are in office and your mind is disturb then don’t waste your time to sit on chair with rough pose. The time to get out and relax with some yoga poses. While being at rest and relaxed is good, it is also necessary to move and exercise regularly.

Rule No:3 Just breathe!
You can do slow, and rhythmical, breathing accompanies the asana for a centering effect with body and mind with pranayama.  It’s a proper breathing regulates the flow of the prana (life force) to focus the mind and increase energy. When the walls are closing in and various commitments start piling up, it pays to remember to breathe. A few deep breaths go a long way when there are a thousand tasks to be done.

Rule No:3 Think HAPPY Thoughts!
Once you will start to think positive, the mind will become peaceful and the future will look brighter. Always focusing on what is wonderful and good in life eradicates toxic negativity and allows for a more positive outlook on the future.

Yoga is all about more than becoming a tree or mountain and taking deep breaths. The 03 rules help you to guide the practitioner to a whole, more enriched life—and giving consideration to these basic steps will not only aid the sleep-deprived student in surviving of the semester, but they will improve the quality of life, love, and thesis overall.