Three Stages of Meditation

Three Stages of Meditation

One of the vital importance is to maintain patience during meditation. Showing signs of impatience is a sure sign that you need to meditate. With the help of meditation you can develop a very special kind of patience that creates the awareness of the magic in each moment of life. There are a lot of ways to experience patience. One is by not trying to move too quickly from watching your breath to the other techniques. Dosen’t matter what technique you are using, attention is the key in all meditation.

Stages in the journey

In meditation there are 3 stages involves, which have to be taken in a particular order and one at a time. All these stages exist side by side. Don’t leave stage 1 while entering stage 2 and so on. After done all the 3 stages, you will realize that though there are differences between them, they are one.

Before you move on to the stages of hush and insight, concentration has to be achieved (which you have already started practicing as per earlier chapters). For example when we are listening to someone we rarely give our full attention. We can improve our powers of concentration by focusing on what they are actually saying.By practicing a few simple exercises, which can be done during normal daily life you can develop concentration.