Stay beautiful naturally with yoga

Stay beautiful naturally with yoga

If i will count to benefits of yoga then a lots of time will spend, its countless. Basically we do yoga to keeps fit internally as well as externally. But did you know it can keep you looking beautiful naturally? It has a lot of beauty benefits. Here are a few of them. Due to excess sebum pores get blocked and then acne comes on face.

To avoid all these you need proper blood circulation and flush out toxins from your system. It helps in keeping your skin healthy. There are several yoga poses which can help you do this. Bow Pose or Dhanurasana comes under that yoga who releases toxins from the body by focusing on deep breathing.

Glow skin from Yoga
Creams and make-up can add that glow that will end of the day. You will get an inner glow naturally with yoga. Yoga asanas improving the oxygen supply in your body. Asanas such as Kapalbhati or the Yogic Facial Massage are extremely beneficial. Here are more asanas you could try for glowing skin.

Prevents hair loss
If you are suffering from hair loss. Balayam Yoga will improve blood circulation to the scalp which in turn stimulates hair follicles resulting in hair growth. You can do anywhere.

Helps get rid of dark circles
Dark circles are a result of several factors including lack of oxygen to the under-eye region. The skin is very delicate in this area and it does not have any oil glands so it is essential to keep it healthy. A simple face yoga exercise called ‘Circle the Eyes’ can help get rid of dark circles by gently stimulating the area with the help of your fingers.

Our face has 57 facial muscles which need to be exercised just as we exercise our body. In the process, our skin too get tightened which prevents signs of ageing. So start yoga to fit your face.