Men need yoga Here why

Men need yoga  Here why

Yoga is not the gym and a morning run any longer, more men are advised to others to try out yoga as part of their fitness regimen. Here are some reasons why it required:

It builds the core
Really, the gym offers ab workouts aplenty and there are specified machines in the gym too, but it’s said that no other fitness mantra can build the core like yoga does for your body and internal health. The asanas really work up the back and stomach muscles. Try holding a plank position for about two minutes each day. You will feel better.

It boosts flexibility
You stretch, stretch and stretch. That’s the key, really. So, unlike static routines or simply hitting the treadmill, you have simple routines that can allow you to bend. More flexibility translates into less injury, so get going.

It Reduces stress
Only yoga can do this from tress relievers. You might be able to punch a bag or cycle on the elliptical, but it’s yoga that effectively eases out fatigue. So after a hard day with back-to-back meetings, roll out the mat and embark on your routine.

Adds to hair care
If you’re really worried about your hair, try yoga asans. It is reported that certain poses such as headstands can send blood flow to the brain and thus, stimulating hair growth.

Allow for bonding time
Have no time to spend with your girlfriend during the day? You could plan a morning routine with her. Partner yoga is fun and what better joint commitment to have than healthy living? As you help each other with the poses, it deepens the connection you share with her.

Try all these steps in your routine and you will benefits so soon. In day to day life men are getting stress from work. And yoga is a best medicine to relief from it.