Kurmasam Yoga Control Diabetes and belly fat

Kurmasam Yoga  Control Diabetes and belly fat

Kurmasam means turtle. While the posture of the person, so it becomes similar to the shape of turtle Kurmasn says .Kurmasn method First you sit in Vajrasana. Then putting your elbows on both sides of the navel, including the palms upward, keep straight.Then inhale while taking out Jhukia front and let the chin resting on the ground. The front sight Place the palms touch and hold the chin or cheeks. After being in this position for a while, come back to the breath taking. This is the simple method.

Second Method:
Sit down in the event of the first Dan asana. Then the force of the waist and above the knees slightly bends the knees while keeping both hands, turn them backwards. In this case touches upon the knees, and the palms of the hands extended toward the back rests on the ground said. The Psychiatry gradually to the chin resting on the ground. This situation has Kurmasn. After living for some time to return to the facility.

Benefits of Kurmasam
This asana gets rid of diabetes because it helps to activate Penkriyaj. This posture is Labdayk in abdominal diseases.

There are different types of yoga poses to control diabetes. You can use this tips as well you can also do Lksvasan, khlasn, kpvnMuktasn, kslbasn, kdnurasn, kvkrasn, kushtrasn, kyogmudraa,Tadasana and morganatic-inverted.