How To Balance in Yoga Poses

How To Balance in Yoga Poses

It’s not easy to make balance in yoga. But your practice can make it possible. With the help of yoga you learn to focus your body and mind: their strength, flexibility and balance. When you develop a powerful sense of balance, you’ll be able to hold still in yoga poses as well as quieted  your mind. You’ll also strengthen your muscles and improve body control.

There are some simple tips can help you balance in yoga poses:

Distribute weight evenly on your feet

This will help you plant your feet more securely on the floor. Additionally, flow your toes for a better contact with the yoga mat. Maintain proper body alignment

Below are the list of poses you have to maintain:
Standing yoga poses: hips, knees and ankles should be in one line. Squatting poses: hips, shoulders and ears should be in one line. Straight-arm balances: hands strictly under shoulders. Bent arm balances: hands strictly under elbows and elbows close to sides.

Keep your eyes focused
During yoga look at any stationary object and don’t bring your stare away. Keeping balance with eyes closed or focused on something moving is much harder.

Engage your abs
Your abs play an important role in keeping yourself balanced during yoga. Strengthen your abs and you’ll find it easier to find the balance point within your body.

Never give up if you can’t master perfect balance at once. Try practicing next to a wall and gradually make your way away from it as you become more sure of your balance.