Different Types of Chinese Meditation

Different Types of Chinese Meditation

Are you feeling under stress? If you feel lack of peace and happiness in life, then it’s high time you tried meditation. On that note, Chinese meditation is something we need to talk about. Lets read about and get the benefits from this!!!!

If we will talk about the chinese meditation, then it’s 2500years old. The main purpose of Chinese meditation is to balance in the mind and harmonizing the body as well. It also helps to regulate the breathing process.

Buddhist meditation, Tai Chi, Taoist, and qigong meditation are the variants od chinese meditations.

Taoist Meditation
Basically chinese meditation technique focuses on non-action. We learn the idea of flowing with age instead of battling them. During the taoist meditation, your mind becomes sensible of things and affair and reflects on them without becoming affected or judgmental.This meditation has some techniques similar to Buddhist and Hindu meditation.

How to do!!
You need to sit comfortably in a half-lotus position where both legs should be cross. Only focus on the entire breathing process during this meditation. Keep the eyes nearly closed and focus on a candle or a pictures.

Tai Chi Meditation
It is one of the most rambling forms of meditation. It’s not only relaxes the mind, but also helps tone the muscles in your body. It comprises of many well endowed poses that have fluidity. It is safe for all age, but joint problems people may not be able to practice it.

How to do!!
You have to stand straight with your feet kept shoulder-width apart. The toes should be point towards the front. During this meditation keep your head up, and your shoulders should be down. Now breath in or out through he nose. You will have to keep your eyes closed. Now start meditating and only focus on the feet and how they are connected to the Earth.

You can find many of resources on Chinese meditation techniques on web. For some people, practicing the techniques at home may be preferable, but others may seek expert help.