Best Yoga poses for office workers

Best Yoga poses for office workers


Yoga is the best medicine if you are stress, tense from your work. Below exercise you can perform on your knee but they can also be done at your desk. Take a little moment to mentally take a break from work, turn your monitor off first and get your colleagues involved if you can – it’s the best way to stop them distracting you! And start the Yoga!

Bring your arms out to the side and internally rotate your right arm – so that your palm faces behind you and your thumb is pointing to the floor. Bring that arm around your back and place the back of the palm onto your spine as high-up as is comfortable. Then bring your left arm up and bend it so that your left hand comes to meet your right hand – clasp your hands if you can, or you can take hold of your clothes or a strap. It’s really help to release tension in the shoulders and the front of the chest.

Palming the eyes
bring your palms together and rub them until they feel warm. Place them lightly over your closed eyes. Even if this is the only exercise you do you will really feel the benefits of letting the eyes completely relax. You’re going to do this a few times in between the other exercises. Try to do it a few times a day while you’re working at a computer or doing a lot of close-up work.

To get a lovely stretch across the top of your upper back bring your arms into eagle pose. Start with your arms out to each side and cross your right arm over your left, bend your elbows. If you can wrap your forearms and bring your palms together. Keep the shoulders low and the elbows lifted. Then we are going to repeat the eye exercise, this time look up and right to 2 o’clock and then down and left to 8 o’clock about 10 times.

Change your focus
When we are working at a computer or any concentrated work like reading, sewing, we tend to have our focus fixed in one position for a long time. We maybe squint or frown as we are trying to read the small text or work on fine details. This exercise can help to moisten the eyes and relaxes the muscles in the eyes and face. Remember to blink a lot too. Some say doing this regularly can improve your eye-sight – at the very least it will help your tired eyes!

Neck stretcher
finally, here is a really nice stretch for your neck and upper shoulders. Sitting tall clasp your hands, behind hand your back palms together, elbows bent. Bring your hands to the left side of waist then tilt your head to the left hold for a few seconds and repeat a few times on each side.

This is the five easy quick exercises to combat computer tension and keep your eyes, neck and shoulders healthy!