8 most important things an Indian visiting Thailand first time must know

8 most important things an Indian visiting Thailand first time must know

My recent experience to Thailand visit was a mixed one. One side I felt  rejuvenated by having holidays in this lovely country while other side I faced  some problem which I would like to share with people from India who are travelling first time to Thailand and suggest to be prepared for them.

First thing which not only surprised me but also bugged me a lot is language problem in Thailand. Even after getting so many tourist from India and all over the world, Thailand is still a long way to go on language front. Unlike in India, tourist have hard time interacting with local citizens. So if you are Indian visiting first time Thailand then prepare to face a lot of English problem and even good hotels / star rated hotels, malls and other public places do not have English speaking staff and they manage to speak in bits in pieces. It all upto you as how you interact with them.

Many Food products do not have English descriptions. Packs are majorly describing the ingredient in local language and it is difficult to figure out what are content. This is major problem when you want to have pure vegetarian food . You can’t trust even chips pack which may have non-veg content in it.

Two Bottles of Water: I was most surprised to see only two bottles of water in my room for a day. When inquired, came to know that it is the daily maximum supply of water from hotel side and if you need more water you have to buy. Well it is cheaper to buy water from family mart or 7 /11 stores. Only 14 baht ( 28 rupees ) in 2014 as compare to 60 baht ( 120 rupees ) from Hotel. Also don’t expect free water while dinning in restaurants  as there also you may have to buy water.

Pure Vegetarian may have tough time in Thailand if they are not aware of Indian restaurants.It is very risky to have anything from local restaurant, hotel or from store/malls as they majorly add eggs, sea food in most of food preparations. You can check with “Surbhi” in Pattaya and “Great Punjab” in Bangkok for good Indian food in reasonable rates.

 Visa on arrival may be interesting facility but you need to wait a bit to save 200 baht.And be prepare to show cash you carrying at counter as they sometime ask to count in front of them, so carry sufficient cash in Thai currency to satisfy officers at Visa On Arrival window.

For those who are in holiday mood ,Pattaya is good palace then Bangkok.Being capital of country , busy life , big building, malls and crowd is evident and you can easily compare it with Delhi or Mumbai metro city of India.

Beware of local sex activities if you are travelling with family. This may be disturbing for young kids. Although being with family usually is safe and you will not be approached but better take your hotel towards beach site in Pattaya and center of city in Bangkok for avoiding such thing.

Hotel Security money in the hotels of Thailand : Unlike in India even good star hotel in Thailand also take a security money from tourist against any damage in hotel or room which will be deducted from your security deposit while checking out from hotel in Thailand.

Beside above few things which I found interesting in Thailand are

  1. They have  Green Gas cylinders vs Red in India
  2. Toyota is most used car brand just like Maruti here in India
  3. Most of the trucks have trolley attached vs long 24 wheel trucks in India
  4. Driving is much more sensible than India and people follow rules & have patience.
  5. You would love their local travel transport usually called Tuk Tuk and very cheap way of travelling in Pattaya.
  6. Even for taxi purpose they use  Corolla make car of Toyota.
  7. Giant size screens are common in Bangkok and give a modern look to city.
  8. Unlike Delhi, black films are allowed on cars in Thailand.