How to Find out your weight is normal or higher than normal

How to Find out your weight is normal or higher than normal

Everyone wants to live happy life . Healing and healthy to live life to control your weight is extremely important. First you must know what your weight falls into the category. What is your weight under control, much has reached or exceeded the danger signs?


3 parameters can be use to check it.

1) Body Mass Index (B.M.I)
2) Abdominal Girth
3) Height and weight standard table


The way the risk of heart disease to define the status of the Blood Pressure is illiterate, just as the BMI check your weight and your health as well as to assess the risk associated with the right measure.


BMI calculates your height in meters and is based on your weight in kilograms. BMI is calculated the following way.

1) Masure your hight in meter.
2) Multiply this digit with the same.
3) Masure your weight in Kg.

Then to know your weight devide 2nd option from 3rd.


Abdominal Girth
Fat is the most dangerous place in the body to accumulate around the waist and upper body. That is the most important place where unnecessary fat must be reduced. Mind it that, this is confirm the research of more than 90 cm for women or 100 cm for men and more health-related problems are responsible for many of the waist.


Height and weight standard table
The average Indian man and woman has been below standard table height and weight. You according to your height, your weight should be put on the table given below, is anticipated.

If your weight is in the normal range, you heartfelt congratulations! Try to control your weight is always there. If your weight is higher than normal, so now is the time to think you’re serious about your health and weight loss due process to start.