Fitness Mantra of Parineeti Chopra

Fitness Mantra of Parineeti Chopra

To lose weight is not easy and the desired results are hard to achieve. Weight-loss is a measured science of a combination of balanced diet and ample physical activity. Not only did she achieve her fitness goals but claims fitness to be an on process journey seamlessly meshed in her lifestyle.


Diet Plan of Parineeti Chopra:

For Parineeti, weight loss was not easy, considering her love for food. "I was always thinking about food. So, it took a lot of mental strength to lose all the extra weight", Parineeti had earlier revealed to NDTV. "I thought I would never be able to give up pizza, but I did. I eat everything in limited portions now, but I make it a point to fulfill my cravings".


"If I approve in fatty food, I balance it out by either eating a light meal for dinner or burning more calories the next day." Parineeti Chopra says due to her poor metabolism she gains weight fast. Even when she was trying to eat healthy, she was putting on weight. So she got tested for food allergies at an Australian Health Center, and discovered which foods suit her and which don't. Parineeti drinks lots of water to stay hydrated, and her ideal breakfast includes brown bread with butter, 2 egg-whites (no yolk), 1 glass of sugar-free milk, fruit juice (sometimes). She typically eats a salad and brown rice with dal and vegetables for lunch and low fat foods with less oil around 7-8 pm for dinner, plus 1 glass of sugar-free milk.

Workout plan of Parineeti Chopra:

Parineeti has never been a fan of the gym, or running on treadmills. She loves dancing, practicing Kalaripayattu (a form or martial arts from Kerala), yoga, meditating and swimming. Pari (as she's lovingly called), hits the gym once in a while, just to create a balance. She believes that it's important to be consistent, stay active and sweat it out.

This is the fittest Parineeti Chopra has ever been in her entire life, and she loves it. "I don't check my weight on the weighing scale. Parineeti Chopra statement: As long as my clothes are fitting me and I can wear better clothes, that are the most important thing". Her biggest motivation is the mirror. "Every time I look at myself, I feel like working harder". Parineeti even created an Internet sensation with her 'Built That Way' photo shoot to celebrate her body and newfound confidence, inspiring women all over the world to embrace a fitter self.

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