6 basic rules for young boys to control body weight

6 basic rules for young boys to control body weight

As we are going deep into Internet-age, getting habituated to fast-paced times and becoming accustomed to using technology for each and every thing, the spectrum and scale of our physical activities is shrinking way too fast for our liking. Lack of physical activities accompanied with irregular dieting is taking a toll on our over-all health big-time. And this all starts early. Young boys these days are very much lost in fiddling with their mobile-phones or spending a good chunk of time in exploring their tablets. They are too concerned for the acquisition of a new-age Smartphone, but hugely oblivious of their inner health and strength. Regular grab of junk-food or fast-food is making them rotund, but they think they can control their body-weight as and when they would like. But this is completely wrong notion. You have got to be careful about your health right from the beginning, even when you are a child. People ignore a child’s obesity as baby’s fat, but this is farcical. A habit or routine is entrenched easily in your mind when you are young. So, you should amalgamate some must-to-do things right from when you are young.


There are 6 simple things to be incorporated by a young boy in his everyday-life. They are not something uncommon or rigourous, but they have to be assimilated seamlessly.


Never go for weight-loss supplements: You should never go for a weight-loss supplement. In a hurry to get the results and look smart, young boys fall prey to undesirable substances which are extremely deleterious for their health. These supplements may seem beneficial at the start but they hit your body-mechanism badly in the longer run.


Have nutritious diet: You definitely must get accustomed to taking a balanced diet. Your different diets must comprise seasonal fruits, green vegetables, sources of protein like eggs, lean meat, fish, skimmed dairy-products, whole grain-sources like whole wheat bread and brown rice etc. But that never means that you should completely avoid other dietary items. In fact, you should ingest fat-foods also, but in moderation. Fat is an important component when it comes to total body-development. Excessive restrained diet is not advisable.


Keep intake of junk-foods and sugary drinks to bare minimum: Burgers, Pizzas, varied fried items and different processed foods, sugary drinks, sweets or sweetened foods must be kept at arm’s length. They are not nutritious at all; they lead you to obesity faster than anything. To change the taste, you can have them but once in a blue moon.


Make small meals a part of your daily-life: Having frequent small meals straddled across three main-course meals is heavily beneficial to ward off the increase of body-weight. These small meals keep your metabolism on its toe always and it burns off the calories in an effective way. Additionally, these snacks make you feel full and you end up eating less in the main meals. But, these snacks also must be nutritious like almonds, fruits, salads etc.


Physical exercise is must: Incorporate some exercises deliberately in your daily routine. If you can spare time, you should go to a near-by Gym where a specialist instructor will guide you through various exercises matching your body-type. If you don’t have extra time, you can affix walking in your daily routine so that you burn enough calories to keep in shape. Brisk walking is advisable. Resistance-training is a boon in disguise. It builds and strengthens your muscles and doesn’t let the fat accumulate in your body.


A set daily-to-do list: Settling down to a set routine is hugely helpful to have proportionate weight. You know what to eat, when to eat and what not to eat; you know what exercise to do and when to do. The beauty of having a routine is that even if you are extremely busy, you will draw out some time to walk or exercise or you will consciously have the food you want to have, not anything and everything.


A balanced combination of these food-habits, physical activities and the defined routine definitely go a long way to keep your body-weight ideal and proportionate.