5 simple ways to lose body weight for teenaged girls

5 simple ways to lose body weight for teenaged girls

Being lean and fit is not only good health-wise, it is fashionable as well. Especially girls in their teens are crazy to acquire a captivating figure and can do anything to have it. They are now more figure-conscious than ever before. They have become acutely aware of the physical part of their beauty. Slim and trim are two important meaningful words in their lives. They now know that looks matter most in creating the first impression on anyone. Chiselled body, attenuated abdomen and cultivated figure are integral ingredients in the over-all persona of modern-day girls.


These girls are not shy to hire a physical instructor, join an up-market Gym or talk to anyone presenting concerns of their body-weight. But in the pursuit of getting a toned, ideal-weight-figure, they may fall prey to Anorexia or other related ailments. So doing everything in balance is the key. Attaining everything in the gradual natural course is the order of the day.


First of all, you should have the knowledge of your ideal body-weight according to your age, height and frame of the body. Achieving a good body-weight and maintaining it becomes easier if you inculcate some definite dietary regulations and follow a well-defined pattern of exercises with full commitment. Your daily routine must comprise a nice balance of nutritional ingestion and effective exercises. Both of these must be followed meticulously in tandem.


Don’t skip meals: Don’t fall into traps of Anorexia, a psychological disorder characterized by the fear of becoming fat and refusal to eat. Don’t refuse to eat in order to lose the fat from the body. If you starve yourself, your metabolism inside the body goes into a rest-mode and becomes inactive. As and when you eat, this idle mechanism doesn’t work to its fullest and ingested food starts piling up as fat in your body without being disintegrated. So, to keep the metabolism active and working, keep having small meals through the day and you will not at all gain fat.


Diet: You should meticulously prepare your food-list for the day. Minimum 3 servings of fruits, minimum 4 servings of vegetables, 3-4 servings of lean meat like chicken(boiled), fish, cheese and yogurt and 3-4 servings of nuts are must. You should eat carbohydrate-serving foods in moderation. All-in-all, breakfast should comprise protein-foods and a little bit of carbohydrate-foods, lunch should comprise protein and vitamin-mineral-powered green vegetables, different snacks should comprise dairy-foods, fat-filled foods and a small portion of carbohydrate-foods and dinner strictly protein-foods and vegetables.


Water: Water is a magic potion. You must have 10-12 glasses of water every day. It keeps you hydrated and energized. It keeps your skin glowing. It aids in digestion and a fluent digestion doesn’t allow foods’ conversion into fat in your body. Moreover, a ½ glass of water before and after every meal not only aids in digestion, it makes you full and you don’t over-eat and save yourself from extra calories. Mind you, sipping water during the meal disturbs the digestion.


Exercises: Burning calories is easily possible by doing exercises. These exercises tone up your body, remove the extra flab, build muscles and generate feel-good hormones within you. These exercises cultivate the svelte-figure in you. If you burn 400 or more calories during your daily regimen of exercises, you are on the right path to lose the extra body-weight. If you go to a Gym, you are instructed according to the body-type and your requirement. If you can’t go to a gym, then bear in mind that you have to do intense exercises like running, skipping etc. on three days of the week and less-intense like long walk on other three days with one day being an off-day.


Ample Sleep: A good 7-8 hours of sleep is must for our day-to-day activities, more so with the teen-aged ladies wanting to lose their body-weight systematically. When we are asleep, our muscles recover from fatigue, our body-cells regenerate and inner metabolism does all the repair-work. Sleep-deprivation may give you mood-swings or a sudden rush of hunger due to weakness and you may end up eating anything and everything and that too in big quantity. This defeats your whole purpose and goal.