Top 10 power food for pregnancy

Top 10 power food for pregnancy

During pregnancy every mom need double food because they need extra food for their upcoming infant.. So its necessary to take care of complete food chain during the day. In any changes under the body they need to contact their doctor. There are most important food for pregnant lady.



Fortified Breakfast Cereal


You knew folate was important before conception and during your first trimester, but your needs vitamin B stay high the whole nine months. She need 400 micrograms per day through vitamin supplements and fortified foods is the best option to grab it. Another 200 micrograms through foods that are naturally high in folate, such as asparagus and black-eyed peas.



Dried Beans & Lentils



During the pregnancy all women need 10 extra grams of protein a day (for a total of at least 60 grams). We all know that beans and lentils are an excellent source. They’re also high in fiber, which helps to combat constipation.






It’s not only packed with nutrients its contatin calcium and folate that are necessary for a healthy pregnancy. Broccoli is also rich in fiber and disease-fighting antioxidants. And since it contains plenty of vitamin C, this popular green vegetable will help your body absorb iron when it’s eaten with an iron-rich food, such as whole wheat pasta or brown rice.



Milk without Fat


During the pregnancy your body absorbs roughly twice as much calcium from foods, so your daily needs remain the same. But since most of us get too little calcium to begin with, drinking more milk who do not contatin fat is a smart move. Each 8-ounce glass supplies about 30 percent ofthe recommendeddietary allowance of 1,000 milligrams.







It’s easy to get your day off to an energizing start by trading in your usual morning bagel or muffin for a bowl of oatmeal a few times a week. Instead of buying high-sugar flavored oatmeal, cook up the plain kind and swirl in a teaspoon or two of maple syrup or jelly.



There are a lots of powerful food where a pregnant lady consume then, just they need to observe what they are eating. So from today onwards start your day 1st with a healthy and powerful food and keep happy !