Safety tips for working women during pregnancy

Safety tips for working women during pregnancy

Do not stress you more if you are going to enjoy the period of pregnancy. The time is not too short but you should make sure you do not take any stress at all. Keep all the negative thoughts away from you. Make arrangements of all your work beforehand so that you do not take tension. Think of the new one whom you are going to welcome soon.

Always carry food and water with you when you leave for office. It is good to eat food prepared at home. This will keep away infection and other ailments regarding digestion.

During work take small breaks. Just try to sit and chat with a friend or take some steps for a brisk walk. Try to take a deep breath and move with care.

Always maintain a good posture. Healthy position for sitting will keep your body in good condition. There are times when you may find swollen in your feet. You can place them on any stool or other elevated position for relaxing.

Always keep in touch with your doctor. You must avoid cigarettes or strong coffee. Nicotine and caffeine is harmful for your baby.

Activities and Exercises

 If you had been very conative in your work, then you will need to continue the activities but try to slow down. The exercises that you used to do before getting pregnant will also not help. Your physician will show you some exercises that you can do during this period. The heart rate should be within 145 beats in a minute. During period walking is better. If you have never exercised before then you can ask the advice of your physician and then go for any aerobics or other exercises.

Clothes must be comfortable

You will find there are different types of work clothes for pregnant women. You must buy these during the pregnancy period. During this clothes must be soft and made of natural fiber. You will feel breathless if you wear a lot of artificial fiber. So you should also select loose clothes that are fashionable and are perfect for pregnancy period. Wear flat heeled shoes. You must avoid heels as that can bring about a fall that you should avoid at any circumstances.