Diet Tips during Pregnancy

Diet Tips during Pregnancy

Every woman has the desire to give birth to a healthy baby. The desire to complete the intake of adequate amounts of nutritious diet in pregnancy is extremely important. The development of the fetus depends on the mother’s diet. Pregnant women should diet that nourishes the fetus could Avshyktao complete. Normal woman’s diet should be 2100 calories per day. According to the Food and Nutrition Board of the diet through the pregnant woman should get the extra 300 calories. Ie normal woman expect to receive such a diet should be 2400 calories a pregnant woman and diverse Vitamins, Minerals should receive higher amounts.


Below are some tips for pregnant women




Intake 60 to 70 grams protein on daily basis during pregnancy. It is one of the important things for development of ovary and breast during pregnancy. During the last 6 Months 1kg protein is required.




Pregnant women should intake 1500 -1600 milligram calcium on daily basis. It is require for bones.  You can intake calcium through milk, butter, beat, grapes, meat etc.




At least 3 liter water is required for pregnant women. It can increase to 4 liter. You need to intake fresh water. You you are going outside then carry fresh water.


Need to intake healthy food on every 4 hours. Don’t concentrate on weight. If it increases, you can manage after delivery. Neither does smoke nor keep in this environment. It is your responsibly to give a healthy baby. Intake medicine after advice of your doctor.