9 exciting things about the kid who grew up in the womb

9 exciting things about the kid who grew up in the womb

Pregnant mother is very keen desire to know that her baby’s growth within her own body is what type. So from time to time by visiting doctors are able to consult about this. If the child is in the womb of the mother is carrying her body every day is an amazing development which seems surprised to hear about. Every week after the child’s body is to develop a new organ. Today in this article we will show you every week and every day during the development of the child does body changes occur in the body, what-why astonish.



The development of the eye and ear


During the 8th month of pregnancy, the child’s body is the first to develop the eyes and ears, the stage becomes a slight face.



The external genitalia


Yes, the 9th week of pregnancy seems to be the child’s genitalia. 12 to 13 weeks can be traced easily fed in the womb baby girl or boy.



Becoming whole body


By the 12th week of pregnancy, the baby’s body in the uterus takes full form.

 The 5 cm length of its body. Occurs . Eyes, nose, ears, heels and nails will become.



Having half a length at birth


During the 20th week of pregnancy, the baby’s body length at birth is exactly half the length. That is almost 18 cm baby Becomes. At the moment, seems to be the child’s eyebrow and eyelids.





After the 24th week, the baby begins to develop the ability to listen. The baby’s face and other organs develop. The facial skin is very thin.



Sense of smell


28th week of the child in this stage is to develop the ability to smell.






32 weeks in the womb the child’s eyes seem to open. Meanwhile, the position of the baby in the womb is also changing. The time is to develop the child’s arms and thighs because the mother has trouble enough. The child’s body is also 44 to 55 cm. Goes up.






During the 40th week, the baby’s body is fully developed. This is the absolute phase of pregnancy.






During the phase of pregnancy the baby is weighing 2 to 3 kg. Too many children are born 3 to 5 kg. Such children are counted in the healthy range.



Every mom wants to feel the unborn baby. The development of baby depends on the mother. Mom need to touch in doctor on every trimester.