5 important foods to consume during pregnancy

5 important foods to consume during pregnancy

Packed with essential nutrition and full of fiber fruits and vegetables are an important part of any healthy diet. During pregnancy, there are plenty of foods that women must limit or remove from their diets. For women who love berries, blueberries are not just safe but  also full of nutrients required in the pregnancy diet. Pregnant women may want to choose organic blueberries to avoid pesticides. Before eating always wash the food and vegetable.



Sweet potato



It contains of anti-cancer nutrients like vitamin A, C and manganese. These’re also a good source of fiber and iron . These not only  give you energy; they also work under digestive system.





Lean Meat



During pregnancy your daily iron needs get doubled , so it’s important to include plenty of iron-rich foods now. Meat delivers a form of iron that’s easily absorbed by your body.






Blue berries



It can be a healthy addition to your pregnancy diet. Berries are sweet, succulent, full of nutrients and can be eaten freshly picked as well as incorporated into a variety of recipes.





Green Vegetable



 Greens Vegetables are full of vitamins and minerals. They are rich in fiber, an important nutrient for weight loss and maintenance because it keeps you feeling full and helps control your hunger. Fiber can also lower cholesterol and blood pressure, and help to temper blood-sugar swings by slowing the absorption of carbohydrates into your bloodstream after meals. This lowers your risk of cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes. It also contains a lot of water to keep you hydrated.







 The most important fact to eat apple during pregnancy is that it protecting the unborn child against asthma attack later in childhood.




If you take good care of yourself you can feel wonderful during your pregnancy. Increase your odds of a healthy pregnancy by above these sensible steps to keep yourself in top healthy condition: