Try these easy ways to increase your water intake!

Try these easy ways to increase your water intake!

Do you intake enough water throughout the day? Well, most of us simply forget to do that but it is important if you want to maintain a well-hydrated state. We often avoid drinking water as we are too lazy to get up and pour a glass of water or to escape restrooms visits.

Keep a track of water intake

One can keep a track of the amount of water they are drinking throughout the day by the help of their mobile phone applications like Water Your Body and Water Logged. Just set the number of glasses of water you want to intake daily and the app will send you reminders to drink water during the day.

Spice it up

If you cannot drink glass after glass of plain water, you can always spice it up by squeezing some lemon into it. It is not only refreshing our body, but it also helps prevent dehydration or adrenal fatigue.

Eat water enriched foods

One should include lots of fruits and vegetables that offers a high percentage of water. And foods like watermelon, cucumber and tomatoes can actually provide you with 20 percent of your recommended daily water intake.

Include soups and juices in diet

Start to add soups and juices in your daily diet as it can help you increase the intake of water. Consumption of clear or broth based soups will not only rehydrate your system but also help you maintain a low-calorie count.

Take water break

We often miss out on drinking water when our job involves sitting at desk and staring at computer screen whole day. So, make sure that you get up and take a water break and relax for some time.