Top health tips to enjoy a Happy Monsoon

Top health tips to enjoy a Happy Monsoon

When the monsoon brings relief in our life from the hot and dry summer, it also comes with a few diseases along with the torrential rain. Viral infections such as the common cold, cough and fever are the general diseases that one must be aware of. People easily get affected from such diseases. Therefore, you must avoid getting drenched in the rains and at home keep the air conditioner at a normal temperature.


To drink clean n fresh water is important in order to prevent water borne diseases. During monsoon Typhoid and Malaria are two deadly diseases which could ruin your “Chai and Pakora programme”. Typhoid is also called enteric fever and its symptoms are watery stool and fever.


Malaria on the other hand is caused by the female Anopheles mosquito. Waterlogging problems are responsible for the breeding of mosquitoes. Malaria is the most dangerous disease in India with highest number of deaths credited to it.


During the monsoon you will affect like Diarrhea and Cholera caused by contaminated food and water with bacteria or parasites. Poor sanitation facilities and unhygienic conditions give rise to Cholera. Though Cholera can be treated easily but if the treatment is not done in time, it could prove dangerous for your health.


Last, but surely not the least, one should take care of their skin. We need to change wet shoes and clothes instantly and you should always keep your skin dry. If there is infection on the skin then an anti fungal powder could prove useful. So one should take small measures and precautions to prevent the diseases by nipping them in the bud. As the old saying goes “Prevention is better than cure”.