Top 5 Tips to avoid dehydration in the summer

Top 5 Tips to avoid dehydration in the summer

In the summer, when temperatures are on peak, Then important problem is too less water in body. Experts say in summer eat those types of food who contains huge amounts of water.   In summer anyone can intake more water. Even solid foods provide amazing amount of water. Find the list of food you need in summer!


It contains 95% of water along with huge amount of protein.  It doesn’t contains fat and chlorine in less amount.  Salad contains Omega-3, high amount of fibre, irons and calcium.If you are on diet then this is the best food for you!


It contains nutrition along with 86% water. The non-inflammatory characteristics enables you to fight the heat. If you go for gym then this is a best option to add into your food.


It also contain 86% of water. Expert suggest to eat apple just because of fibre, vitamin c and different types of nutrition. Doctors also suggest to eat apple during the illness. It is the best fruit who fight with the disease.


The lack of water in summer yogurt is the better choice because it contains 85 percent water content.


Cooked rice contain 70 percent water. The lack of water in your body can be harmful. it will hydrate your body and may be your body will be weak.  An iron, carbohydrates and other elements are also abundant.


These are all the food which takes you in your daily basis. Just you need to intake in more amount. If you are on diet then you can also take all the foods. Whatever you eat, you have to aware that what i ate earlier and how much calories has been intake by me!