Top 5 foods for your brain health

Top 5 foods for your brain health

Brain is a sensitive part of our body. It feels first then transfers the information. This is our responsibility to keep healthy of our brain. So the Main question is that, which foods are best for brain health? Let’s check this list to see what you should eat to optimize your brain power.


It contain monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats. this is one of the food who keeps your arteries clear and  levels of precursors of serotonin to boost mood. So one ounce a day is just right for your brain; more is also fine, but remembers to be careful of calorie overload – an ounce is about twelve walnuts or twenty-four almonds.


Fish who contains lots of nutrition especially wild salmon, catfish, flounder. It contains artery-clearing omega-3 fatty acids. Serving size recommendation is 13.5 ounces a week or three servings about the size of your fist. Fish makes strong brain!


It contain huge amount of heart- and artery-healthy protein and fiber. Expert recommend one cup throughout the day.


Spaghetti Sauce and Tomato Juice
Its control your fat along with healthy brain. You can intake in summer mostly.Tomato juice and spaghetti sauce contain folate who works for brain, to keep your arteries young lycopene and other nutrients works. 8 ounces a day of juice they recommended serving ; 2 tablespoons of spaghetti sauce a day.


There are different types of oil like Olive oil, fish oils and avocados who contains heart-healthy like mono-unsaturated omega-3 and omega-9 fats.  Experts say that  twenty-five percent of daily calories should be healthy fats.

 A strong memory depends on the health and nature of your brain. Along with this you can start exercise or yoga to rest your brain. Always remember one thing that doesn’t skimp on exercise and also on sleep. Connection between brain and exercise is that, when you exercise for the body, you exercise for the brain.