Taking care of eyes

Taking care of eyes

We should worship our body. Human body is undoubtedly a miracle of nature. Every part, even the smallest, is harmonized with the other. Every part in our body has to be in good stead and fit to keep us healthy and in high spirits. Simultaneously, mental health must also be sound to keep us going. A good and apt balance of physical and mental health is absolutely necessary for us to have, maintain and sustain a good overall health.


Eyes are an invaluably important asset presented to humans by the almighty. Several beauty-experts and ophthalmologists suggest some instructions to keep eyes in prime fitness. These instructions must be instilled in our daily schedule to ward off any eye-problem.


They start with eating-habits. Carrots must be eaten regularly as they are full of beta carotene, an anti-oxidant, which helps maintain good vision. Cabbage, broccoli, bell peppers, brussels sprout, sweet potatoes and spinach are also helpful in maintaining good vision. Then sleeping well and sleeping for 6-8 hours are mandatory to keep eyes in good condition. Sleeping on back is advisable to ensure enough blood-flow. Every now and then, quick opening and closing of eyelids maintain the moisture in eyes and don’t let them get dry. For ladies who use make-up to do up their eyes taking away of make-up before sleeping is an essential requirement. Use of a good make-up-remover or wiping with baby oil is suggested and then a gentle cleansing with reasonably cold water ensures a complete removal of eye-make-up.


Taking 4-5 minutes out of a busy daily routine and doing some easy eye-exercises does wonders to maintain the eye-sight. Take a pen or pencil in a hand, bring it in front of the eyes, fix the look at a certain point of the pen or pencil, stretch the hand at the maximum with fixing the look on the point, bring it back close to the eyes till the point splits into two and again do the process for 5-6 times. This exercise strengthens the eye-muscles. Apart from this, look up and down quickly and repeatedly for 9-10 times. Rotate the eye-balls to look into one corner of the room and then rotate them opposite to look into another corner of the room and do this process 5-7 times. Try to see with the help of the right eye to the left part of the nose and with the left eye to the right side of the nose. Do it 9-10 times. All of these exercises help strengthen the eye-muscles.


Squeeze the eyes like someone tries to see in heavy light or towards sun so that skin under the eyes folds and do it for 15-20 times. The exercise keeps the under-eye skin wrinkle-free. Massaging eyes with vitamin-E, almond oil or collagen-containing creams on alternate days assists in diminishing wrinkles around them. Using a doctor-approved eye-cream is always prudent.


A few simple things in the regular schedule go a long way to maintain the eye-sight and the eye-appearance.