Health physical and mental matters most

Health physical and mental matters most

In this fast-paced and development-centric world, we are always scampering for success in anything we do, ignoring every other aspect of life. We are success-obsessed. We chase anything to make a name, fame and money for ourselves. We have come a long way from being the quintessential Humans.


We have become habituated to put in boundless efforts pressing on our minds and bodies to astounding and shocking limits to achieve some goals or in fact every goal. We crave for success in every walk of life. We want the highest status in the office or the business we do, we long for every bit of praise, recognition and flattery in everything we do, we want immense power of authority in our hands, we want inexhaustible money to live and flaunt; we want everything attainable.


But in the chase of all this, we tend to forget the indispensable base of the life, i.e. health, mental and physical. All this success becomes meaningless if we are not able to enjoy it, if finally we don’t become happy. Notwithstanding the hardest of endeavours to earn that amount of success, happiness remains a distant delusion for us.


And it happens due to the price of indisposition we pay for different achievements. In the course of accomplishing lots of assignments and multi-tasking of sorts, we fall prey to completely bad food-habits. We perceive we don’t have time and we don’t do any sort of physical exercises. We try to save time as much as we could and we never walk any distance. We have to finish work to surpass others and we don’t subject ourselves to any sort of entertainment at all to unwind. All of this takes a toll on our body and after a period of time it gives up and becomes fragile, frail and weak.


In the pursuit of accomplishing target one after another and going ahead of others, we seldom meet our family-members. Their expectations from us go awry and when we come to know this, stress starts seeping in. As it is natural, we so many times miss the deadlines, don’t meet the target or in business don’t get the revenue we expect. We work hard, but don’t get the desired promotion or the result we wanted. Depression starts knocking at the door. A hard focus on just fulfilling our own needs and desires makes us all alone in a long run. A dry desire for continued success transforms us into a mere machine. Aggression starts making roots in our activities and giving glimpses in our regular mien. We leave ourselves quite far from being happy.


A simple balance of bodily health and mental strength is what will make us really happy.

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