Exercise To Improve Digestion

Exercise To Improve Digestion

Exercise helps you in creating a healthy digestive environment. Exercise allows the food to move quickly through the large intestine. This helps in reducing the water loss in the stool. Efficient movement of the stools is also contributed by regular exercise as the intestinal muscles contract during working out.

Increasing physical activity will improve digestion by increasing the metabolism. Exercise will burn calories and also helps you in strengthening your body as well. Good health is medically recognized as being hungry and lack of appetite as a symptom of poor health.

Exercise 1:

You can do this exercise by bringing both of your hands up, putting it straight with the middle of your body. Keep your palms facing towards the ground, pointing the fingers towards each other and bring them close.

Now slowly move your hands away from your body, but keep them parallel with the middle of your body or the solar plexus. Remember that you need to move your hands as far as possible; this makes you feel that you are pulling something out of the solar plexus. Then gently return to the original position. Repeat this exercise for 30 Minutes for better results.


This exercise includes the first exercise as well. In the first exercise, while raising and lowering your hands stop and hold at different levels within the mid section. Generally there are 5 areas that require this treatment particularly after each meal.

During practicing the above exercise, change the starting position of the hands and palms respectively and wonk on the lower areas. Usually, the change should occur at the navel area, but you can start from any section that is comfortable to you.