Baby Care Tips during Monsoon

Baby Care Tips during Monsoon

Monsoon brings so many joys to the people of India but it also come along an array of diseases with it. While you need to protect yourself, your baby needs more protection against the diseases as well. Lets check some useful tips to cover  yourself as well as your baby from the many Monsoon mayhems.


The weather during Monsoon is quite capricious. Sometimes it is too hot and at times it gets a little too cold. Make your baby wear cotton clothes when the weather is too hot. And on the other hand, keep your munchkin covered when the weather is cold as well.


Babies tend to catch infections way too easily. You need to also ensure that your little one is far away from infections, make sure that you keep your surroundings clean even Mat. Don’t leave stored water at one place, it tends to become a breeding spot for mosquitoes giving rise to diseases like Malaria and Dengue. And it happens very fast.


It’s not possible to complete protect your home from mosquitoes. They entering your room somehow or the other. Make sure that your baby wears cotton clothes with sleeves all the day. Apply also baby friendly mosquito repellent cream to keep them at bay. Don’t take chance so make sure your baby never sleep without a mosquito net at all.


Suppose the weather is too cold outside, and you decide to take your baby out for a walk, make sure you keep your little one covered. Children are more prone to catching a flu or cold. If you wish to get your baby vaccinated, do it only after consulting your family doctor.


Since Monsoon gives rise to various diseases, keep some of the cold and flu medicines handy after consultation with your doctor. Keep enjoy and also protect your baby. Happy Monsoon!!