Amazing Hair Care Benefits of Using Black Tea

Amazing Hair Care Benefits of Using Black Tea

Black tea is usually available in all kitchens. It is more oxidized than other types of tea. Black tea is also stronger in flavor than other tea types like oolong, green or white teas. Black tea contains more caffeine and is the preferred beverage for people trying to get back their energy. But, did you know that black tea has amazing benefits for hair care?

Black tea is also known as red tea due to its red tinge in India and a few neighboring countries like China. Basically tea is harvested in India, in Assam and West Bengal areas, and it is consumed throughout the country. In fact, Indian tea is so famous that some international cafes have adapted the tea as part of their menus. They call it 'chai tea' which makes no sense, really.

Use this amazing home remedy to get great hair days for that perfect hair care and reap from its various benefits that are as listed below.

To Treat Grey Hair:

Black tea is a natural dye due to its color. Brew some black tea and let it cool. Apply it on your scalp and let it dry for around 15-20 minutes. This will prevent the grey strands from cropping up before their time.

For Hair Loss:

DHT is one of the main causes of baldness and hair loss. Black tea contains natural DHT blockers, which makes it a great remedy to stop hair fall.

To Manage Split Ends:

Black tea contains certain component which makes it a great home remedy to repair and prevent any further split ends and benefits the hair. Rough, brittle hair tends to split into two. Using black tea on the ends can prevent that from happening.

For Dullness:

Use a black tea rinse to add shine to dull hair. After shampooing your hair, use brewed tea as a final rinse to add lustre to your dull hair. This is a perfect hair care benefit of black tea.