04 Secret Strategies for Health Optimization

04 Secret Strategies for Health Optimization

I am providing the list of the top five lifestyle strategies, where I believe that it can make the biggest changes in your health as they address most of the disruptions that are at the core of most health challenges.

Keep contain Sprouts in your diet

Sprouts are one of the most nutritious powerhouses. It is also easy to grow and in your own home. It doesn’t required outdoor garden to grow up. Besides, both the quality of the fiber and protein contains of nuts, seeds and grains reform when sprouted.

Adapt your Vitamin D Level With Appropriate Sun Exposure

 It is natural and god gifted. Our ancestors adapt their vitamin D levels by sun exposure, not by swallowing it in foods. You can also take vitamin D from some animals.  Sun not only provide the Vitamin D, it also has many additional health benefits.

Take your full time for Sleep

It is an important part of our health. You cannot fulfill the ill effects of poor sleeping by healthful food and exercise. Every person have own sleeping hours, it totally depends on your current state of health and stress levels as well. When you wake up in the morning and feel god, it is good sign that your sleeping habits is good.

Intake Pure Water

You need daily supply of water for your body. It is not only to keep you hydrate but also need your blood, your kidneys, and liver as well. Your every organ need clean water to detoxify your body. One better solution to intake clean water, just need to install whole house water filtration system.