MI health band review

MI health band review

How you going to feel if you get to know exactly how long you have walked and what’s your daily requirement of walking / exercising & finally what is the gap? Exciting isn’t it, when I first decided to buy MI band it was this very reason that I wanted to track exactly how long I have walked and how much more is needed before my day end to even my daily walking / calories burn requirements without carrying my mobile or some item to carry in my pocket. MI health band is handy and can be worn as watch. Although I don’t even wear watch but idea of having something like this sleek MI health band is not disturbing for me. Unfortunately, when I first time tried to order MI band from company’s site, it was all sold out, with one date where they were assuring to open the sale but to my disappointment even on the sale day it showed all sold out even in minute. Although back of my mind I had this and one fine day when I was sitting with client, he showed me same band and told me it is available. I opened the site right in front of him and this time it was actually there on site for sale. I made payment online and in two days it was there with me.


I got little difficulty first time to place the instrument in band as it comes us spilt in packet. After proper assembly it is all set to work. ( It requires charging before you can actually start using it ) You need to install an app from Play store if you are using android. After initial pairing the device is connected and sending out data to app through blue tooth. I tried walking a bit to see if it is counting properly and it is working fine although  it is not instant to reflect in app but it gets synchronized and keep data updated frequently.


After using 15 days I am able to write the review:


Advantage of MI health Band:


  1. Very nicely designed product with various color options
  2. Easy to wear, light in weight feeling of almost not wearing anything
  3. Stores information until it gets paired with Mobile phone. So no need of carrying phone all the time
  4. Detects walking steps preciously and differentiate walking from running
  5. Detects when you go to sleep. Now this is wonderful even if you are on bed and watching TV laying it will not count it as sleeping. Most of time my sleeping time was rightly calculated.
  6. It even detects my deep sleep & light sleep
  7. It also counts if in between night you were awake and for how much time.
  8. It’s alarm feature is also amazing it detects your light sleep and vibrates if you there in light sleep as per alarm setting
  9. Vibrator is good.
  10. Unlocking device is also very nice feature that MI band is offering. Your phone remain unlocked until you are around and moment you leave your phone and moved away , it gets locked automatically.
  11. Very nice UI of app to show your daily weekly or monthly walk or sleep



Few things missing/ required to improve in MI health band.


  1. No display / reading on MI band to see directly that means you have to have a smart phone connected to it.
  2. At time connection with phone gets disturbed and phone restart is required but you tend to loose stored information of that day from device. Although that happened only once with me.



Overall there are number of benefits of MI health band with almost no problem and it’s amazing product.