Top 5 Diet Plan for Office Workers Men and Women

Top 5 Diet Plan for Office Workers  Men and Women

Seat on a chair is not an easy task for office workers. To engage with your chair and work almost 8 hours a day would increase your weight and affect your health. follow the given diet plan for office workers to keep healthy and safe from fat.


Eat a balanced diet
To maintain a balanced diet is important for office worker. They need to take below food.


Add fruits and vegetable in your diet
Drink fat free milk and dairy products
Include high fiber foods, grains and cereals
In lunch take thin meat included beef, mutton and fish


Never skip Breakfast
For each office worker breakfast is very necessary, Healthy breakfast give to stamina to work hole day in office. Don’t take one cup of coffee and two bread in breakfast. When you wake up in morning your sugar level usually low so you should replenish your blood sugar level to make your brain and body active for the whole day. Use high fiber foods, fruits or vegetables along with juices or fat free milk in your breakfast.


Lunch should be light
Once you have taken your energetic breakfast it would be enough for whole day, but it would better if you will take a light lunch during the day. Try to use low fat or high fiber foods along with fruit juice or fat free milk.


Light Dinner
Never eat too much at nigt if you reach home take a light dinner with lean meat, fish or chicken and go outside for a walk. take some space in your stomach before you leave eating.


Do not forget to exercise
This is one of the most and important workout  ever. If you are in the office you can move: move your shoulders, bend, move your head and stretch your neck. Walk around your office, visit your colleagues at their desks, not for disturb!


Once you consider all these activity in your life then thre is no need to take any kind of tension in your life related to your health and fitness. Every men and women who wants slim n fit body, they really need these tips.