Tips for Yogic Diet in summer

Tips for Yogic Diet in summer

We know that healthy mind gives a healthy body and we can do yoga to keep fit them. Yoga is combined with yogic diet, do effects positive on the mind as well the body. Yoga will decrease the physical capability of the body and yogic diet will work on the mind.


Based on the effect on the human body, food is classified into three categories. They are sattvic, rajasic and tamasic.

Sattvic food:  Increase energy, vigour, health, positivity and joy in your life.
Rajasic food:  Increase passion and
Tamasic food: Promote anger, darkness and inertia.

Therefore yoga gurus recommend sattvic diet which is primarily vegetarian and vegan diet. They discourage eating tamasic and rajasic food as they create negativity in mind as well in body.

Yogic Diet foods
All types of fruits, especially intake those that are naturally sweet.
Excluding onions and garlic intake fresh vegetables.
All whole grains specifically oats, wheat, and rice. It is rich in fibres.
Oils extracted from plants like sesame, sunflower, and olive oil etc.
A few spices, like cinnamon, cardamom, basil, turmeric,cumin and fennel.
Foods that need to avoid
Don’t intake Meat, fish, eggs and sea food
Avoid artificial foods, junk food, artificial sweeteners, soda, cold drinks etc.
Animal fats, margarine
Far away from alcohol, tobacco, stimulants etc.

Yogi Diet for the summers
Best time to start your yogic diet is summer. Summers requires some cooling food that keeps the body hydrated, nourished, refreshed and has a balanced action as well. You need to include vegetables that are rich in water(like cucumber, water melon etc.) . Peas and beans in the diet with their natural astringency will have protective effect against environmental toxins. Intake those fruits that are cooler for body like apricots, sweet cherries, grapes, peaches, nectarines, plums and melons.


Include yogic diet in your life and compound it yoga, see the remarkable effects on your body by the end of summer! Enjoy summer!