Ideal Diet strategy For Office Employees

Ideal Diet strategy For Office Employees

We all come across a lot of people who actually love their office work. Probably no because all we care about is his post and how much money he makes. Well if you ask one of them about his lifestyle, the answer will be that majority of them might not be satisfied with their health. Well, here you will see that to follow some steps you can change your lifestyle and also can maintain your diet schedule as well.


Sitting in office for too long a day affects on your health in a number of ways. The reason behind weight loss is not that you don’t pay attention to it but it’s about the luxury of time. Wake up early in the morning is the first priority for office workers. Eats breakfast and gets stuck in traffic before reaching office. However after he enters the premises, and starts the work for next 8 hours. They forget their diet. Below are some tips to maintain your diet.


Don’t miss Breakfast: It’s important: – Doesn’t matter whatever you do, just make sure you eat breakfast. Eating a healthy breakfast not only helps your body to stay healthy but it also helps you work better. Therefore you should never rely only on 2 toasts and a cup of coffee. As per the experts when you wake up, your blood sugar level is probably low. This is why you need to have a proper meal to adjust the blood sugar level in order to be active. In breakfast eat high fiber food such as fruits, vegetables and fat free milk.


Lunch should be thin: After having an energetic breakfast, there are healthy chances you may feel a need for snacks. So go for it but keep in your mind that you shouldn’t take a heavy lunch. May sound disturbing but yes. The big reason for that is after taking the lunch, probably you may crave for a snack again. So bulking up food in your stomach will result in nothing but obesity and weight gain. You need to control yourself. Add high fiber food such as fruits, fresh juices and low fat milk for your lunch.


Eat first then go on bed: Mostly workers don’t eat dinner right after coming back from work. Instead they opt for a mid evening snack. Well it makes sense that after having lunch between 1-3 pm and afterwards taking a snack between 4 to 5 pm. No one wants to eat a large meal at 7 pm. This leaves to taking dinner right before bed.


So for better diet, you need to take a light dinner because all you are going to do now is either sleep or sitting on your laptop will definitely  digest your light dinner.