Ideal Diet for Men

Ideal Diet for Men

All men wants to maintain their fitness by going gym, excising or by control diet , but none seems fruitful in a long run. I’m suggesting you to just follow below tips and you can very well maintain yourself, no need to go for gym at all. Yes no need to go anywhere.


Six small meals: – Just eat small, 300-calorie meals or six times a day. The problem: It’s easy to overeat. “Many people think that every meal has to be a balanced mix of protein, starch, and veggies, but that’s when those meals become too big. Not to mention, 300 calories looks puny on your plate.


Tip: With three snacks eat three smaller-sized meals. You’ll keep calories down and still be able to graze throughout the day.

Control diet : -. We all get invitation for parties but this does’t mean you eat whatever you eat and over-eat.  Always care, how much calories, carb and fat you are taking.


Tip: If you are going to party try to eat more salad and sugar free drinks. With this you won’t eat more at main course.

Three squares a day: – Actually works best for most dieters who aren’t vigorously exercising eating three square 600-calorie meals a day. One common flub: The lag between lunch and dinner is six or seven hours, prime time to get too hungry and binge at dinner.


Tip: In the afternoon If you’re hungry, have a small snack—like an apple, stick of string cheese, small handful of almonds, or any of these 5 Nutritious, Filling Foods—two hours before dinner to curb hunger. Just make sure to scale your dinner down accordingly.


Just maintain your diet and do some mild exercise  and you would be fine.